our story

The start of Closer To Our Dreams began over twelve years ago with two young men that believed in the power of their dreams. At the time they were working for one of the largest sports brands in the world, Nike, and they realized something very profound while working there. They thought what if we could create a company that would be similar to Nike but be more engaging and encourage people to go after what they wanted in life. Twelve years later they have created that company and are now looking to inspire the masses to start believing in the power of their dreams. Dovev Weaver and Elliot Martin are the founders of company Closer To Our Dreams and they are very passionate about seeing people achieve their ultimate goals and dreams in life.

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” — Walt Disney

This quote represents what C.T.O.D. is all about, knowing that your dreams can come true if and only if you have the courage to pursue them. Whatever that dream may be for someone C.T.O.D. wants to figure out how they can help someone achieve that goal.

C.T.O.D. has no desire to compete with companies such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, or Reebok. Their goal is to create partnerships with companies to give people that actually want to have careers in certain industries the opportunity to be mentored by someone in that field. C.T.O.D. is not a Brand, it’s a movement and a way of living. Once you start believing in the power of your dreams there is nothing that can stop you from achieving them.

C.T.O.D. is in the beginning phases which is very exciting for the founders of the company. They want to hear from you and learn how they can help you get closer to your goals and dreams in life, so reach out to them.