is on a mission to inspire the masses to start going after their goals and dreams daily. As the founder of C.T.O.D. he is committed to helping any organization, school, student, or adult that is serious about going after their dreams with passion. Closer To Our Dreams is a valuable source of inspiration and encouragement.

is a motivational enthusiast and an innate influencer within her community. Lola’s impact stems from empowering women as she currently serves as the FL Chapter President of an inspiring organization named, Black Girls Create International, LLC. She currently coaches women of all ages to live their life fearlessly through the art of manifestation.

is a Rhode Island native with a strong passion for breaking the stigma surrounding Mental Health, as well as mentoring, and working with the youth. As a survivor of abuse she’s always believed she was a VICTOR and not a VICTIM. Through all of the challenges her focus has always been to motivate and inspire those held captive mentally, and emotionally.